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Moments & Memories



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Are you ready to create some event magic? Want to learn how to create trending looks? You've come to the right place! Our online course will teach you exactly that!

Learn about:

  • My Journey
  •  Introduction to faux flowers
  •  Preparing and creating event flowers
  •  Learning the Moments and Memories signature look
  • Creating trending looks
  • Faux Flower/Prop recommended Suppliers list who ship internationally with exclusive discount codes
  • Business talk
  • Learn the different kinds of faux flowers
  • Learn how to create stand out event set ups
  • Learn the moments and memories style that has created viral trends around the world
  • Learn how I transport and store my flowers
  • Watch how I put together not one but two brand new sets ups step by step
  • Watch how I choose flowers how I position them and create not only cascades but table arrangements and floor arrangements
  • Answering FAQ’s and more…


Moments and Memories exclusively provides pre-made packages with the option to mix and match products, additionally we also cater to custom events.

Minimum Price across all is $1300 not including delivery, pack down or set up fees


Set ups include, the props pictured, the backdrop, the floor mat, signage, the plinths and the florals.


Moments and Memories reserves the right to seek compensation and damages, from both potential client and event artist if their work has been reproduced without the written permission and consent of Moments and Memories owner Liz Dalama .

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